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Here are what some people are already saying about Reiki Star:

“I live remotely from Reiki Star and a changing work roster makes distance healings so convenient, but I’ve also found I can be more comfortable and sound in my own space. I underestimated distance healing at first thinking it wouldn’t be as strong but time and again I’ve been amazed at what Jo can do. Twice now she has saved me from two different surgeries. In just one session I was able to address my torn shoulder and get off all the pain medication and creams and oh the blessed relief of a full night’s sleep! The orthopaedic surgeon said it would not self repair but amazingly I’m gaining more and more movement as the healing effects continue. I cannot recommend highly enough.” – Tanya, Campbell Town TAS.

“Jo is truly gifted, I always feel lighter and more in tune with my intuition after using the many goodies available in my Reiki Star membership. In particular I look forward to the healing and meditation sessions which I credit to a happier and healthier version of myself too!
Emma, St Helens TAS.

“Jo!! Wow!! I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for today [Zoom Meditation + Reiki Class]. I must say that in the past I have rarely felt anything during a Reiki session but with you it is COMPLETELY different! I have left feeling such a huge level of peace & love & warmth & calm inside that I have never felt before. So thank you for sharing this beautiful gift you have. I will be doing my best to make every single class.”
– Jane, Western Australia.

“A good friend had told me about Jo and how amazing she is, but at that time I was a bit cautious on the idea of distant healings. One day, after having a difficult week and struggling to get over a bad bout of bronchitis, I contacted Jo for a mini healing as I desperately needed to get out of the rut I was in. To say WOW was an understatement, she has totally changed not only my day but also my life. I instantly felt revived after the healing, with the amazing positive of my bronchitis clearing up within the next few days. Since then I have had several longer distant healings that have not only helped me immediately, but I have also learnt so much more about my true self. It is an amazing, positive, and fulfilling experience and I could not recommend Jo’s distant healings highly enough. Jo is the most loveliest of souls and is so supportive and genuine, that I feel more empowered knowing I have her guidance in my life. My advice, don’t over think it (I wish I had gotten onto it earlier!) and just book in and enjoy the journey.” – Wendy, Western Australia

“My friend gifted me your book Equilibrium for Christmas, and I could not thank her and you enough! This book has given sense to alot of things that I’m experiencing, studying, learning or just pondering about. Thank you for being so open and for what you know with the world. I believe your book will reach whoever needs it. You are such a gift and it is a blessing that you and your book are so accessible to so many.” – Michelle, Adelaide SA.

“Hi Jo, an update on *Sarah [after her distance healing session]… although she is still waking once or twice crying she is sleeping more soundly. Since that first healing she is much better – calmer, happier and more with us. Her listening is much better and there have been minimal tantrums. She also seems a lot more present…like in the moment. “
– Kat, Hobart TAS. ( * name changed)

“My Reiki Star membership is a real treasure trove of magical healings always at hand, bringing comfort, reassurance and so much joy.”
Monica, Launceston TAS

“The depth of healing I receive through attending Jo’s Heal Youself event is truly astounding. I can’t wait for it each month! It’s my own personal reset for my spiritual growth. Jo’s ability to reach the entire group is amazing and inspiring.” – Robyn, Launceston TAS.

“Jo is an amazingly talented person. Had a distance healing recently and felt the energy shifts she did. Picked up on issues I hadn’t mentioned too. Highly recommended and looking forward to my next session. Thanks Jo.”
Fiona, Launceston TAS.

“I love my Reiki Star membership because it ensures I have a dedicated focus for my wellbeing and growth each month. The monthly offerings are like a surprise toolbox that I can delve into and use what I need. When I wake in the middle of the night I often reach for one of Jo’s mini meditations, they’re just the thing.” – Tanya, Campbell Town TAS.

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