Distance Healing Sneak Peek

Here are the notes from a distance healing done for a client on 27/11/2020. This will give you an idea of what happens during a session, but keep in mind every single session is different. These notes have been shared publicly with the express permission of Jo’s client.

Notes for Kath:  We began today’s healing session by shedding some old, superficial layers of energy that were surrounding you. These layers were obstructing the flow of the Reiki and just generally blocking your energy (inwards and outwards) and once these layers were released, a new and vibrant energy was revealed. I had a sense that your vibrance is sometimes being dimmed by situations and energies around you, so it’s important to protect your own soul energy as best you can (visualize an energetic bubble or shield around you whenever you are going into a public place or a situation where you know you will feel uncomfortable or confronted, as examples). Today’s healing addressed this, to help reinforce your protective measures and enhance your vibrance. Keep reminding yourself that you are protected and safe.

As the healing progressed today, I could feel your soul energy strengthening and aligning with all the good and positive energies around you. So perhaps you have been feeling like there is lots of negative around you and have struggled to find the positives lately? If so, this feeling will change dramatically after this session.

Next up, I tuned into some ‘unrest’ within you. It felt as though your energy was quite restless and jittery and it took some time for this to settle. There was a little bit of anxious energy here, as well. Although I wasn’t shown the origin or cause of this, we spent quite some time working on it and it ended up being a big part of today’s session.

As I conducted a full body scan, my attention was drawn to the tops of your legs / hip joints. An energetic blockage was released from this area, and the hip joint and surrounding muscles responded beautifully. I then did some targeted energy work on your back and spine – there was some spasmodic, twitching type energy here. Very subtle, but necessary to clear.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Assuming you don’t have any allergies or issues with lavender, try putting a drop of lavender oil on a tissue next to your pillow and see if that helps. In my mind’s eye, I was shown the ‘zzzzz’ (indicating sleeping) and then I saw sprigs of lavender. You could even put a fresh sprig or two of lavender in a vase next to your bed, if this appeals to you. As I tuned into your body’s ability to let go and switch off ready for sleep, I could feel the Reiki energy really spike and strengthen so there was some significant healing done for you today around sleep and sleep patterns.

Your crown chakra was wide open. And I mean, WIDE open! I wasn’t shown the reason for this, but only that it was too ajar and needed to be energetically tweaked to bring it back to a healthy and stable position. You may have recently been experiencing some physical side effects from the open crown – possibly headaches, really crazy dreams, feeling dizzy or ungrounded, and so on. If you have had anything like this going on, it should really settle after today.

I was then guided to do a full chakra cleanse and balance. Your seven major chakras were first to be addressed, and then I could feel the energy flowing to all other chakra points in and around your body (there are hundreds, I’m told by Spirit!). Once the chakra balance was done, your energy was noticeably different – in a really good way! Maybe keep this in mind – the next time you feel a little off in any way, do a chakra balance for yourself (using anything from just your intention, to crystals or any other healing tools) because your energy responded so well to this chakra healing today and I have a feeling this will be an effective and quick way for you to give yourself an energy boost. If you need some extra help or advice on how to balance your chakras, let me know.

Do you get immense enjoyment from having a good stretch or a big yawn? Eg first thing in the morning or when you stand after sitting for a while, etc? A message came through for you from Spirit to remember to stretch and if you can do it mindfully and meaningfully, you’ll take your stretches to a whole other level. I was shown within my own body just how beneficial the actions of stretching and yawning are for you – it felt more amazing than usual for me, and Spirit told me this is how you feel when you do it. It’s like a powerful energetic release takes place, so remember this the next time you stretch or yawn and also remember this the next time you feel energetically congested or heavy – use the stretch and yawn as a tool to release energy.

To finish today’s healing session, I was guided to sit and support your energy as your body mind and soul calibrated with everything that we’ve worked through today. We (Spirit and I) made sure that every aspect of you was aligned and balanced. I then grounded your energy and completed one last full scan to make sure nothing else needed attention. Your energy feels amazing! I hope you enjoyed this session. Remember to stay hydrated after this and listen to your body – if you feel tired, rest or if you feel hungry, eat etc.

Thanks for the opportunity to do a distance healing for you! Take care x “

Feedback from client after experiencing the healing and reading through the notes afterwards: “It was wonderful to actually sit and shut off from life for an hour and focus solely on myself. My healing rang true on so many levels. I have struggled with some health issues the last couple of months which I have finally addressed. Yes, I do have: trouble sleeping, really crazy dreams and vertigo so it does all ring true.”

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