Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Spirit Communications (psychic messages)

  • Spirit Communications are always given as responsibly and accurately as possible.
  • Spirit Communications are intended for Spiritual Guidance only (future predictions are NOT an option).
  • Spirit Communications are not available as a separate service. Psychic messages, in the form of spiritual guidance, are received from time to time during a healing session.
  • Spirit Communications are always without judgement, in the best interests of the client and does not imply 100% accuracy.
  • A Spirit Communication may make reference to legal and medical issues but is not intended, and must never be mistaken, for legal or medical advice.
  • The privacy of the client is of the utmost importance; the services offered are confidential.
  • Spirit Communication regarding future predictions is always relative to the path the client is on at that particular moment in time, when the session is done. Due to many variables, including free-will of the client (the choices we make) and the free-will of people they come in to contact with, the clients’ future can (and often does) change.  Due to this reason, Reiki Star does NOT offer future predictions as part of a healing session.
  • The free-will of all individuals will always be respected and there will never be an offer to influence another against their will.
  • The client may ask specific questions of Spirit during a healing session, but there is no guarantee that any or all questions will be answered.

Code of Conduct for Reiki and Intuitive Healings

  • Healings will only be given in response to a request from the client or his/her representative.  If the client is under eighteen years of age, permission by a parent or guardian must be given and they must be present at all times during the healing.
  • Healings will not be performed, until evidence that the “Terms and Conditions”, “Code of Conduct”, and “Informed Consent Form” have been read by the client, by the electronic signing and submission of the latter form.
  • All information of a personal nature which is confided by the patient will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • Full disclosure of what a healing with Reiki Star Launceston involves will be made prior to the healing beginning and all questions and concerns of the client will be answered clearly, to the best of the Healer’s knowledge.
  • If, at any time before or during the healing, the client becomes uncomfortable the healing will stop immediately and will not resume until such a time as the client feels well enough to proceed.
  • Follow up support and advice is provided to all clients who receive healings, particularly if the client experiences any after-healing side-effects, as described in the “Informed Consent Form”.