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Jo Worsfold | Intuitive, Energy Healer, Spirit Communicator, Author

Healer Profile


Welcome! My name is Jo and I am a Healer and certified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher with psychic abilities.

Energy healing is a gentle, yet very powerful modality which promotes balance and general wellness within the body.

It is non-invasive and 100% safe for everyone, including children, and it is considered a complimentary healing method to orthodox medicine.

If the body’s energy is strong and clear it can heal much faster, achieving proper function and better health. As a Healer, I channel new and revitalising energy in to the body to enhance and support the body’s own energy. This energy can then get to work healing and balancing the whole body from head to toe. Kind of like recharging a flat battery!

 Over the past few years, my Gift as a Healer has been developing and strengthening. I believe that I have always unknowingly had this Gift, and it was activated and strengthened and brought in to my awareness when I first became attuned to Reiki. I use my Gift only for the highest good and greatest joy of others, conducting myself always from my heart space; from a place of love. My Gift as a Healer allows me to “see” many things affecting the mind, body and soul that are preventing you from being the most joyful version of yourself. They can then be dealt with accordingly by using a wide range of energy healing techniques that intuitively flow through me. I like to think that a healing session with me, is an opportunity for you to discover more about yourself, to bring you to a higher level of soul consciousness, to bring you to a greater level of peace and happiness, to unlock the truest version of YOU!
Although I am no longer offering private local healing sessions, you can experience the magic of Reiki Star through private distance healings, local community events and online memberships.
A little note on my psychic abilities…
What are psychic messages? Everyone has a soul and our souls (whether we are living, or deceased) have the ability to communicate with one another. As someone with psychic abilities, I am conscious of my own soul communicating with other souls (including yours!). Please note: I do not  incorporate future predictions or fortune telling in to my sessions.

There are many people in society today who are over-worked, sick / injured, stressed, tired, feeling run down, having relationship troubles, feeling lost or needing spiritual guidance. If you can relate to any of the above, please consider booking in for a distance session, attending a Heal Yourself session or becoming a Reiki Star Member.


Contact Information

Phone +61400089725

Email:    reikistar@iinet.net.au

Location: Launceston, Tasmania